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Monday, July 13, 2015

Fit To Be Tied

I no idea what I did all morning, I'm sure, but it probably had something to do with the internet.  I remember printing out some notes that I tape to the wall concerning the proper use of Lay and Lie, and Farther and Further.  I returned a call to the medical place and made an appointment for yet another CT-Scan later this month to see what my little friend is up to.  I took apart the accursed wall clock in the afternoon.  My "fix" did not last and it has been stuck on the same time for a couple weeks.  The pendulum still goes back and forth just like it always did (un-convincely), but no hand movement.  And much as I hate that clock I must admit I've gotten quite use to looking up at it when I come out in the morning.  So I went up to Michael's and bought a new clock movement.  It wasn't exactly the RIGHT movement, but I made it work.  I needed some spacers 'cause the new one is "deeper" than the old, so I found washers in the garage (after MUCH searching!) and used the old mechanism as a size tester.  I filed the hole a bit larger with the files I inherited from my grandfather, needle files, very small, and got it fitted after much filing.  And later found out that the new mechanism has a smaller diameter and I didn't need to do that at all.  I got the whole mess together with a new set of long clock hands (the included ones were WAY too short) and it works fine.  Check out the pic, you will notice the second hand is so much shorter, it is from the set of hands included with the new mechanism.  Also, it is not black.

Here is the old clock mechanism, taped together with camo tape.

I was going to stick a link in here to my previous blog post about my travails fixing that old clock mechanism, but I can't find it.

But before I came home to fix the clock I went geocaching in Santee.  Found three caches, including one with ties to trade.  I had none to trade, so I tied one on.  No, no, I mean I TRIED one on.

I better go.  Thanks for reading!

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