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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Out And About

I got up early, before dawn, even, made oatmeal and tea, loaded it all, with pills, into the vehicle and headed down to the Big Bay area.  Found the cache I was after (FIFTH time there), then I went over to another cache (this is in the NTC area) and found that one.  Then I ate my pills and my breakfast (finally cooled down enough!) and drank some tea.  Next was a cache that was wet and rusty and surrounded by ants, ants, and more ants.  Found that one, but now some of them ants is in the cache...

Now it was time for one behind the Loma Theater, where Bob and I saw Rosemary's Baby, back in the day. Using the hint that one was a quick find, and no coffee drinkers hanging around like last time.  I went for another cache behind a nearby shopping center and found that one, too. 

Next was Harbor Island.  There is one cache there that I haven't been able to spot in many visits.  This time was no different.  It must be REALLY good?

I headed up Laurel St. and turned left on 1st, a misteak, so I continued to Thorn, then came back south on 4th, to the Quince St. bridge.  I found the cache there (THIRD times a charm!) then headed over to Balboa Park west.  I noticed I Did Not Find (DNF) this one two years ago in 2013.  Well, using the excellent hint, I found it this time.  Also took some pictures.

Most of the pictures were out of focus.  This one is OK, though.  Yup, that can was just sitting there. It's probably sitting there still.

This leaf was prettily suspended on a spider's web

I kept hearing an odd noise from above, and finally spotted this muggle peering around the branch at me, then hiding, then peering around the other side of the branch.  Mighty funny!

Next I drove over to Park Ave. and parked.  I walked down to Florida Canyon and found a cache there, in a VERY wet area.  Has it rained recently?  I came back by a different way and found this flashlight in the grass near the curb.  I was very excited until I got home a Googled it.  It is just an inexpensive light, I just confused the name with another company.

I found eight caches today, and DNFed only one.  Not bad!  Thanks for reading!

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