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Sunday, June 15, 2014

These Days

On Friday The 13th:  After the end of year party, which was very nice, and held at a very lovely house, I decided to go geocaching.  Since there was no one who imbibed enough to go tree-climbing, I had to forego the pleasure THAT particular cache, my nemesis.

I went out to Santee.  I found the one I was looking for, then I went up this little hill with interesting rocks on it.

Another picture of me and the interesting rocks.  Really much nicer in person!

And at the top of the little hill is slab of concrete, the former site of a building.  I THINK there was a mine here, but I can find the place I read that.  That is Cowles Mt. way back there.

I went over to Gillespie Field and found a cache there, one that has been eluding me.  Now it has an upgraded hint, makes it much easier.  Saw this old plane. It is a Douglas C-53D Skytrooper (DC-3) .

I stuck the phone/camera throught the chainlink fence to get a fence-free picture.

And that was pretty much Friday.

Saturday I did NOTHING all day, then I went geocaching in the late afternoon, forcing myself out of the apartment.  I went to Santee, where I found one cache I haven't found in the last couple of visits, and I found another one from yesterday that I didn't mention.  Then I went to In'n'Out to find a cache, and eat a cheeseburger.

Next I drove over to the brewery area of Santee to find a couple of more caches, and I took this picture of the pretty evening sky.

Then I went home.

For Sunday we had made plant to go hiking, but I felt kinda sick all the previous evening and the early morning.  I didn't have a temperature, but felt crummy.  Nerves?

I went for a little walk and ate something, then I felt a little better.

Matthew came over and we went on our planned outing to the moutains.  There were a whole LOT of horses about, as it was the 2014 Descanso AERC Endurance Ride weekend.  We were sharing the trail, and had to wait about ten minutes because one of the horses was very skittish and would not cross a small water crossing.  Eventually the rider got off and lead horse across.  I should have taken pictures!!

We found eight or so caches.  As we were leaving I took quick picture of the last of the horses.  It's hard to believe how many horses and cars and bales of hay were here earlier!

The ride home was uneventful, as I fell asleep several times.

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