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Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Found The Snake Pic From Yesterday!

Hey, here is the picture of the dead snake that I couldn't find yesterday!  Turned out it was on the phone, not the camera.  Silly me!

Today, Saturday, we went out to Campo to find some geocaches.  This is not one, but it IS the southern end of the Pacific Crest Trail.  I signed the logbook, as a visitor.  We walked about a mile and a half along the PCT today.  It would be something to at least hike it through San Diego County, I bet I could do that. Maybe.

Here Matt is taking a picture of a flower, imagine that!  Border fence in the background.

This ant was lugging whatever-that-is across the patio at the El Paso Taco Shop in Campo, where we had a delicious lunch.

We found seven caches today, and didn't find one.  One cache, our primary objective, was placed way back in February of 2001, back in geocaching's infancy. For comparison, the oldest cache in California (And the first in San Diego) was placed in September of 2000.

And now I can take a nap!


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