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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday At The Lake

We went up to Lake Hodges for some geocaching.  We walked a couple of miles to get to the various caches.  In all, we found seven caches.  Two of them were puzzle caches that I had solved last night.  They were not TOO hard, I solved 'em, right?

Matt took lots of pictures of flowers.  There were a zillion birds nesting under the bridges, but we could not get a good picture of any of them!

We walked half-way across the Lakes Hodges Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge, as it is sometimes called, just so we could say we did.  It is quite a remarkable bridge.

Here is the view to the west from midway across the span.  You can see the water out there. Somewhere...

And here is looking the other direction, to the east-ish. There is the freeway, and its bridge.

After the finding of the caches we had lunch at the Westside Cafe in Escondido.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, what did you guys have to eat?

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