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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This That & The Other

Monday I went out looking for a FTF (First To Find) at a new geocache.

While waiting at a stop light I noticed the person next to me was more than a car-length back.  That just seems excessive!

(They are the white car in the little blind spot mirror.)

The new cache was at the Peace Garden located at the First Church Of The Bretheren.  It is a very nicely done garden, I think.

I wish Betty could see this, she was always talking about her worms.

I wish I had thought to check the wheels more closely, but I'm sure they are all cheap wheels. I hope!

Not just vegetables, but flowers, too.

I did not get first to find, but instead, second.  I WAS first to log, though!

After that I went geocaching over by Chollas.  I didn't find that one, but I did lose my keys for a few minutes.  I was terrified!  Then I spotted them on the sidewalk, not far from where the cache supposedly is.

That was Monday.

This is Wednesday.

I went to the base of Mt. Miguel, in the East Lake community, to find a few caches in the June Gloom.  So here we are looking to the north at gloomy Mt. Miguel.

There were a few auto parts and other trash in the area.  There was a big radiator near one cache.  And then there was this motorcycle.  Words fail me. How does this stuff end up out here?

I found most of the caches I looked for, twelve, in fact.  I did not find two, one which I could figure out how to get to, there being many new fences and big signs saying "No Trespassing",  Some of which I only saw coming OUT of an area.  I should offer my services as a Sign Coverage Evaluator! 

Well, I'm falling asleep, so I'll sign off now!

P.S. I forgot to mention...New Shoes!  Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof (J88623), in a size 13, and a pair of Thorlo Hiking Foot Protection (socks!)

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