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Saturday, June 21, 2014


The nice thing about blogging the day after is that it's gonna be relatively short, 'cause I've already forgotten most of it, at least the details!

I stepped on a piece of glass that pierced my boot, and part of my heel.  It bled a little, but I washed it and put goo on it and bandaged it up.  The glass also cut my finger a little when I was pulling it out.  I'm SURE all Mr. Sun's UV light had sterilized that nasty piece of glass over the months it has been sitting there, right?

And I didn't even find the cache, or rather, the second waypont of the multi-cache, even with a hint from the cache owner.  How very disappointing!

Although finding the FIRST waypoint on Tuesday, after several years, has pleased me no end!

After leaving there I went up on the Mesa, mostly, to various places to look for caches.  See the map below.

This little flower was sitting all by itself in the middle-ish of a wide dirt road.

Panorama of one side of road.

Panorama of the other side of the road.

I found a magic wand in my travels, one of Harry Potter's, I think.

The several places I went on Friday.

That is about it for yesterday!

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Deanne said...

Have a friend who lives in Birdland.

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