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Monday, June 09, 2014


It certainly is pleasant to get home and find no blinking answering machine lights with messages to call the doctor, sometimes even MORE than one doctor.

It is certainly unpleasant to decide to take a not totally unusual shortcut through the strip mall parking lot to get home, but then decide to take an usual shorter cut through said parking lot, only to find traffic all clogged because parts of the parking lot are being repaved, so then having to negotiate traffic to get to the original (the not totally unusual one) shortcut, and then to get home and find a workman parked in MY parking place, it is never anyone else's space, so then to do a three-way turn to find a parking place on my street, which is impossible, but there IS one, but I have to go around the medical center to get to it, so I do, then as I'm getting ready to parallel park (and ain't THAT an adventure!) I see the workman pulling out of MY parking place, so I jam on down there to it.

Only fifty or so more LOGO netbooks to check in!

Yesterday I saw a blue car on Proctor Valley Road that was apparently practicing low speed rally driving.  He kept going back and forth about every five minutes or so, probably ten or fifteen times.  But not very fast, no jumps or sliding around corners.

Nothing else I can think of, go for it.

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