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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Up Before The Chickens

I woke up early, in the dark, and decided to try for some caches that need the cover of darkness.  I drove over to The Trees one in San Carlos, but chickened out.  Then I drove over to the Big T in Spring Valley.  The drive was nice, no one on the freeway at five in the morning, but no joy at the cache.  Again.

Then I drove over to the Chollas Lake area for a cache, which I found, in spite of the darkness and the cache pointing off somewhere else.  Good hint!

After that I drove over to the one by the gun range that I didn't find the other day, and I didn't find it again.  Very frustrating!

Next I drove a couple of blocks to a lonely little cache on Beech St., which took me FOREVER to find, but I finally did.  How many times did I LOOK straight at it before I NOTICED it?  There's a lesson there, folks.

Not too far away was The End Of The Street which was a very quick find because of a good hint, and I looked at it.  The hint.  'Cause I was brain-weary from the last two!  When I got back int the vehicle I noticed a not-too-far-away cache with an intriguing title, so I went for it.

I drove over and parked by Archie's former house, which is now the notorious Thad Poppell's place. (NSFW).  Turned out that is not the place to start from, and I learned something new about waypoints on the iPhone app. I then drove to the correct spot, parked, and headed down into the big ditch to be confronted by a choice of  "doors", all of which were VERY dark.  I had my headlamp in my pocket, from earlier caches, so I overcame my claustrophobia and headed in.  The cheap headlamp did NOT do the job, so I went back for the Maglight.  I made it through the tunnel to the cache area, found the cache, and made it safely back to the vehicle.  Here's a pic near the cache ground zero (GZ).

Well, after that adventure I manned up and went for one cache I've been avoiding for YEARS, in Lemon Grove, and got it.

And then I went home!

What's for second breakfast?

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