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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Out With The Old

I finally loaded the disintegrating box of electronic/electrical/one ringer (the Purity water filter) into the back of the truck, along with the microwave (for luck!) and hauled it up to the local e-recycling event.  They took it all, even the water filter!  The guy wanted five bucks to take the microwave. I gave it to him, no problemo.  'Cause I didn't think he would take it, and it saved me having to drive it who-knows-where? 

It was a little weepy going through the box, though.

I headed over to Home Depot for yet another item I apparently dreamed I saw there, to wit:  round particle board, uh, circles.  For the "lazy susan" antenna rotator. And I don't know why spell check doesn't like "rotator".  In a sort of preemptive strike I priced portable jig saws (what I call a sabre saw) before hand, but did not buy one. Yet. 

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Deanne said...

Love Home Depot. One day I'm gonna buy me a big red, multi-drawer, on wheels tool box! I still have the orange one you gave me.

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