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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Dinner And A Cache

I needed a cache for the day, so I headed out to El Cajon.  It's not that there aren't un-found caches nearby, it is that I can't find them. That is why they are un-found.  See?  It's simple!

I went to one cache, a lady was smoking and she wasn't going away.  So I did.  Parking was a little dubious at the next one, but I quickly made the find, thanks to the excellent hint, and skedaddled outta  there. 

I wanted to check on my cache at Costco because someone had a DNF there.  So I decided to treat myself to dinner!  I had a Polish dog and a soda.  With LOTS of onions.


Dinner and a Cache (Can you see the cache?)

Just eating

The last two pics I posted on the cache page as clues.

As for yesterday, I bought a fake half of an oak barrel and two paint buckets for the bird bath project.  Have NOT received the pump as of yet, though...  I also bought a hot pepper plant for the upside-down planter thing. 

It was a hundred outside and ninety-one in the hot back bedroom when I got home. The sun may have been shining on the sensor, however.

We're done here.

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