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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's A Minimum Day

I was at the grocery store the other day and remember I was out of tea.  I usually use tea bags, it is so much easier and less messy.  But I DO have a giant lucite tea thing (I think it is an ingenuiTEA, I'm borrowing it from my son) that uses  loose tea.  Being cheap, I thought I would get a box of Albertson's loose tea, and a big box of Albertson's tea bags, and compare them.

Heated up the water, found the box of loose tea is actually a small box of tea bags.  How clever of them to place it on the shelf right next to the name brand of loose tea!

Finally got a pic of a bird on the bird bath!!

Yes, it is blurry.  It was surprisingly un-light outside.  Telephoto, no flash.

"Trolley" going by.

I was waiting for a geocacher to help him find a cache, but he didn't show.

I'm painting a couple of gnomes.

But will the paint last in the fiery furnace of Our Mr. Sun?

I hear Jerry G. Bishop passed away Sunday.  A very nice man.  I learned he was something of a legend in Chicago as host of the monster movies on television there;

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Deanne said...

Our neighbor has a small fountain in their front yard. They have problems keeping crows out of it. I had a bird feeder in the back but the crows were taking over. Darn crows are everywhere here. Had a pair of doves & hummingbirds that used to nest on our porch on our column but again the crows kept attacking their eggs so they all left. :o( Love the gnomes.

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