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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dirty Birds

I went straight home and got the solar-powered bird bath running.  There was just barely enough sun to power it up by the time I was through.

Something bit me under my armpit while I was doing this, I haven't a clue what, though.  I have small welt there.  Otherwise I seem ok.

That platter I'm using for the bird bath is, on reflection, WAY too big.  It overpowers everything.  I shall have to get a smaller one sometime.

I found that the pots my California native plants are in do not drain well.  They were FULL of water, even though I haven't water them for a couple of days.  I pried off the bottom and TONS of water cascaded out.  Well, they will drain NOW, with no bottoms!  I hope the plants recover.

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