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Monday, September 16, 2013


I thought I had a picture of a bird at the new bird bath, but twasn't there when I went to download it. So I have no proof that a bird has actually visited it.  There ARE a couple of feathers in the bowl, though.

I finally figured the gas mileage of the truck. 15.4 miles per gallon.  Zikes!

Dave is back on the DSC, but I didn't hear where he has been, I had to go to WORK!

I started dripping sweat in the afternoon, thought maybe I was dying, but a student said it was just hotter all of a sudden.

I got some paint at Michael's to redo the gnomes.

I also bought groceries today.  They now have these REALLY cute mini-carts, quite maneuverable, and fun to drive.  I would have take a pic for you but I left camera at home, I found.

I was at at staff meeting today.  At the end we had "compliments".  Someone thanked me for helping them.  I turned to the guy next to me and whispered, "See, I don't yell at EVERYONE."  The principal gave me a Starbuck's card.  It pays to be nice!

EDIT WORD:  Not "complements".

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Anonymous said...

Now, you just have to actually go to Starbucks!

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