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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Day Of Un-Labor

I have not been outside more than five feet, and only to water the plants on the front porch.  I spent a goodly part of the morning reading.

The temperature at this moment is 80 and the humidity is around 60 percent.  Very humid for here. Is 90 degrees in the back bedroom! And only 48 percent humidity in there.

Yesterday, Saturday the 31st, I went over to Lemon Grove for my cache-for-the-day in the quest to complete The 31 Days Of Geocaching. I chose a multistage tour of Lemon Grove cache to complete the month. Due to a couple of problems I was not able to locate the final location. So now I had no cache for the day!

M. came over and we decided to head up to Rose Canyon and UCSD.  First the canyon, where M. wanted to check out a California Black Walnut (Juglans californica) tree. He is interested in California native plants. And there was a cache (A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose) nearby.  I found the cache, so I got my 31 days complete.  Yippee!

He located the tree, there were a number of them.  I had no idea those were Black Walnuts.  Now I know.

We headed towards  UCSD, checked out an interesting little road along the way, which may have a new geocache placed there one of these days.  There two caches in the med-student area.  We looked pretty good, but did not find either one.  Too clever for us!  I was glad I got the one in Rose Canyon!

We headed over to the last cache.  It was a puzzle cache, and it was very puzzling. We stopped by M.'s office.  I see five screens, how many do you see?

He certainly keeps a neater work area than I do!

The starting point of the cache was this tree.  Actually, under the tree.  One had to find the "secret entrance" to the underworld.

We actually skipped this step until later, as M. INSTANTLY understood where to go.  And if I had remembered, I might have too, as I visited there once, several years ago.

So he took me to the location, I spotted the cache, he retrieved it, and I dutifully noted the coordinates for the final.  Although M. knew where that was, too.

We headed over there, it was several buildings away.  Saw some BMXers filming each other as they bounced off the benches.

It took a couple of looks, but we finally spotted the entrance.  The area was completely different from the description, someone has been painting over the graffiti. This stairwell is famous for its graffiti.  The smell of paint was almost overpowering.  M. spotted the cache, and directed my hand towards it.  I signed the log, and we got out of there before we passed out!

So that was a very cool cache and we enjoyed it very much.  I would probably still be wandering (sometimes those who wander ARE lost!)  around if not for M.s knowledge!

M. drove over to see the sunset view from the big field on La Jolla Shores Drive.  He took a bunch of pics, and I took a bunch of pics.

I took this one.

He took this one.

And this one, too.

There were a lot of people out watching the sun go down.

Afterwards we drove over to Five Guys and ate some delicious burgers.  I had a cheeseburger.  M. also got Cajun fries.  I thought they were too salty, but I ate five, or maybe ten.  I like the peanuts they give you to munch on while you are waiting.  We didn't have drinks so I didn't get to try out the nifty soda machine.

Well, that was about it for Saturday.  I slept pretty well all through the night!  Sunday morning I finished read Jasper Fforde's Lost In A Good Book, which brings us back to where we started, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice day! Wish we could be there. Those pictures are incredibly beautiful! They would make great postcards or desktop backgrounds. Share them with the world!

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