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Thursday, September 05, 2013

I Am So Upset!!

I'm looking at my FB, one person posted THIRTY-FOUR separate items today, not one of them original content, just links.  Ain't nobody got time to wade through that! And that is not even what I wanted to complain about.  What I wanted to say was that people who post stuff like "I just hate it when that happens", so you gotta ASK them what happened.  Except I don't, 'cause I don't care.  Maybe I would care if they didn't post it like that.  This ain't no guessing game.

Got the solar bird bath pump in the mail today.  You are all relieved, I am sure.

It was 85 in the ol' library at seven this morning.  It's 90 outside (at 5:37 P.M.), according to the Weather Underground......Sorry, I went off to Google "Weather Underground", to see where the name came from.

It is 97 outside, according to the probe, and 93 inside, in the hot back bedroom.  It is somewhat cooler in the living room.

Any questions?


Deanne said...

Was wondering how hot it was at the library. I shouldn't complain about how "hot" it is in Carlsbad compared to what you have to deal with. As for FB, dunno why people want you to fawn all over them and ask, "Why are you so upset?" Just spit it out & say it or don't say it at all.

Bridal saree said...

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