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Monday, September 23, 2013

TV Or Not TV?

From the article at Popular Mechanics I finally built the D*I*G*T*A*L television antenna (although I don't really understand the difference between an analog antenna and a digital one. ELI5)

Here we are loading the channels.

Now THAT'S wide screen!

Whoops, wrong picture, that was an editing misteak. Try this one!

I bought a lazy susan mechanism at Home Depot, but I haven't installed it yet.  It will make the antenna a little more stable, and easier to rotate for directional fine tuning.

So you see seventeen channels there, not all of them have enough signal for a picture.  I think they were all Mexican stations that weren't strong enough.

On reviewing the plans I see I connected the cable/impedance-matching transformer to the wrong spot on the phasing bars, and in turn did not construct the phasing bars in the correct pattern.

But hey, I got thirteen or so good stations. and that is better than the five I got before!

I also bought a cheap LED headlamp setup, goes on my head.  Only eighteen bucks, and eighty claimed lumens!   Also two sad little succulents for the bird bath perimeter.

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Deanne said...

pretty cool!

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