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Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Friday

It's been a week.  School starts this coming Tuesday. The weather, she is warm and humid.  It got up to 90 degrees today, which isn't real bad, I know, but the humidity has been floating around in the 57+  neighborhood, and is in fact 74 percent right this second!  I am dripping!

At work it got up 93.5 degrees, with a heat index of 101. The humidity was in the high seventies.  I remember it was 84 degrees in the library when I turned on the light this morning at seven A.M.

A friend's husband passed away a couple days ago.  He was declining, but I don't think anyone expected it to happen this soon.  It was very sudden.  Our hearts go out to her!

I STILL have not received my bird bath pump!

I have completed thirty days of The 31 Days Of Geocaching event.  I had to range to distant El Cajon to grab an easy one today.  Traffic was awful, especially around Parkway Plaza.  I got lost several times, despite having a GPSr and a map.  Found the cache quite easily, though.  I was fortunate to have my CD carrier-thingie with me. I was able to relax to the sound of  Silver Screen... cranked the window down, cranked it up, shared it with my fellow travelers.

Quote from yesterday's Reddit:
  You do what you can, but every once in a while a big [freak]ing rock falls down out of the sky and it doesn't matter.
B. sent me a nice card for Veteran's Day.

That is about all I can share today.  Thanks for reading!

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