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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Out In The Eastlake Again Again

Today being the tenth day of the  31 Days Of Geocaching, I was impelled to Get That Cache!  So I took a list of geocaches, including one solved puzzle cache.  I parked by some very busy little park and walked in a big circle looking for caches.  I found some, didn't find some, including the puzzle cache which was my primary focus.  Everything else was a back up.  Well, I looked and looked for that one, but no joy.  I email the cache owner, they said they were going to check on it for someone else, and so would let me know.

Surreptitious parking is so ridiculously difficult in Eastlake!

After that jaunt I parked on a turnout down by the lake and hiked on down to the water's edge to find a cache, a cache covered with ANTS!!  Zillions and zillions of ANTS!  Yikes!  Not biters, fortunately!

Getting back to the vehicle I moved on down the road a ways, hiked back down to the lake edge and found some more caches.  More success down here than up on the hill.  Less people, too!  More ants, though!!

One cache, the last one, I was kind of nervous about.  It was advertised as an "evil nano".  "Nano" is the size.  Very small.  And "Evil" means, well, EVIL!

So you can see the jug was full of little canisters, only one of which contained the log sheet.  All the rest say "Keep looking"!  I lucked out and found on the fourth one, as you can see.

Well, that was the last one, and I headed back to the vehicle.  I walked a total of about 3.07 miles, and found eight caches, but didn't find four.

Since I was in the area (And didn't need to go on the freeway!), I drove a few miles over to REI in one of them giant Eastlake malls.  It is a smaller REI.  I looked at the hiking shoes, the GoPro cameras (I need one!), but what I bought was a carabiner.  Two, in fact.  You are wondering why, is he going rock climbing?  Ha ha, not I!  But I use carabiners to secure my water bottles to my backpack, and the wimpy little key chain ones just do not do the job.  I didn't realized just how wimpy they are till I saw a real climbing 'biner!  The key chain carabiners have inferior gates, in my opinion, and the springs quickly fail so the gate does not close.  The Black Diamond (On the bottom, below) brand I bought feels extremely solid, as well it might!  Certainly heavier than the others, but I'm willing to tote them.

Plus, I could actually used them for rope work.  Again, ha ha!

That is all for today!

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