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Sunday, August 04, 2013

A Pot-Porry Of Stuff

This canal near Bakersfield seems to have a tidal surge or something.

I made this vertical panorama for a geocache background.  It's not much larger than the thumbnail. Sorry about that!

So I went geocaching out in Lakeside, saw this sign on the trail.  We're not supposed to walk down that nice wide path? HA!

I crossed over the San Diego River at one point, this device was down in the river bed. What could it be?

Well, that is all for geocaching. I found some seeds for wild flowers, planted them, and here is what I got. I just gotta keep 'en watered, it is very hot right there, reflecting the afternoon sun off the wall.

Here is me sitting with my radios in the garage.

Here is another shot of the wildflowers, taken later in the day.

I refilled the birdbath and this fellow was so pleased!

He had quite the time, but was always looking over his shoulder, as it were, at me.

Well, I can't think of another thing I haven't shared, so off you go!

Whoops, I forgot the iceplant!

NOW we're finished here!

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Like the birdbath. Wildflowers, pretty. I had gotten some seeds from Dollar Tree and nothing bloomed. Sigh. Glad yours produced!

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