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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


SPOILER ALERT!  This monument is was the first stage of a multicache.  I had to calculate the final waypoint using the numbers on that little tag.  I had to take a picture of it so I could see the numbers!
When I got to the final cache it was missing.  I found a part of the container about thirty feet away.  I notified the owner of the cache so he could fix it up.

Can you see where I parked the vehicle?  Right at that red arrow!

And here we have El Cajon Mountain, often called "El Cap".  Shouldn't that be "El Caj"?

That's a Vons down there!Behind that rather unattractive plant.

I found five caches today, one monument, and very nice views.  Didn't SEE any ticks, and didn't SEE or HEAR any snakes, which is more than previous cachers on this hillside can say!

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