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Friday, August 02, 2013

Olde Highway 80

I have been wanting to do this section of old highway 80, geocache-wise, for a long time.  When I was but a wee child we drove this narrow highway many times to visit Cuyamaca State Park and my aunt's cabin in Mt. Laguna. The new interstate freeway was built in the 60s, bypassing this stretch and making it a dead end road. Now it is a hiking/biking/horsie trail, blocked off, and that is where I parked.

I head south, bush whacking a bit, for that one cache, then to the west. I found some, and didn't find some. Here is the view from the first cache I found. The actual view was much more impressive than this picture!

Here is what I could see from Aubrey's Cache.  Aubrey was six when she helped place this cache, in 2002, now she is in high school. That is the 8 looking to the west-ish. You can see the old road down there, and I'll be walking all the way there.  And hopefully, back again!

Not too far from Aubrey's Cache we have an expression of the true love James has for Sandy. Classic James!

This may look awful, but it's really kind of interesting.  I was looking for a cache at the Ellis rest stop (Link goes to a Facebook page with lots of pictures). There is a "bowl" hollowed out of a rock, and above there is the cistern and a series of ring pools.  It's all very interesting and old.  Unfortunately there is a LOT of unsettling graffiti.   I held the camera up to an opening in the cistern roof and took a flash picture.  And this is what was in there.  Could have been worse!

Here am I walking back along the partially overgrown cement road, towards where I parked, which is STILL way to far away!

Here's the builder's imprint in the cement highway. The first one of these I found had the "3" in 1931 so distorted it looked like 1981.  THAT can't be right, I thought!

All told, I found nine caches, and didn't find four, including one off the map at a rest stop.  I plan to come up here again some day, to pick up those two caches I didn't look for, and to explore around the old rest stop some more.  I also got my second souvenir e-badge for day two of the 31 Days Of Geocaching.

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