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Monday, August 12, 2013

Foiled Again

I thought I would combine trips and visit the Fletcher Hills library for a book, then on to El Cajon for a couple of geocaches.  Nope, library closed on Monday.  It didn't occur to me it might be closed, because, you know, it's MONDAY!!  And I had just come from dropping off books at the La Mesa branch!

I headed over to El Cajon and started driving up the rather steep hills of Rattlesnake Mountain, a place I don't remember ever being before.  Parking is rather restricted, I finally found a place near where I wanted to go, but it was on the wrong side of a construction gate that was across the road.  The gate was open, though.  As I was walking up the hill a big truck and a Bobcat (or something like) exited the gate, but they didn't close it, so I figured I was good for at least a few minutes.  I found the caches relatively quickly, for me, took a couple of pictures from the view point (but it's not the peak, more of a demi-peak), got back to the vehicle, put it in 2nd gear, and SLOWLY went back down the hill.  There is a 25 mph zone on the flats at the bottom, the policia were waving the cars over.  There were at least three police (or sheriff, I didn't notice) cars there.  I cruised by very virtuously at 25 mph.

This is looking to the west-ish, with Cowles Mountain on the left, and the 52 on the right heading up the grade towards Serra Mesa.

And this would be looking to the south-ish, with big ol' Mt. Miguel looming up there. The long street on the center-right is Mollison.  The blue is not a lake, it is the roof of Senior Aerospace Ketema

I stopped by Dixieline on the way home.  They said they had no hardware for cafe curtains, and recommended Target.  I went to Walmart, ended up buying a whole new rod.  And some bread.

And that is about all I can think of for today!

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