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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Out By The Bay

Went down to Mission Bay area to pick up some caches this morning.   Biked around the San Diego River area.

Got my "Get Outdoors Day" geocaching badge.  Woohoo!

Made pancakes for dinner.  Turned out MUCH better than last time.  Bottom couple still  need a bit more cooking, though.  Realized I am using REAL butter.  Huh.


Deanne said...

Pancakes looks much much better!

Anonymous said...

You might still need to turn the heat up a little bit. At least at first. When I made pancakes yesterday I started with the heat on high, but I noticed they were getting too brown, too fast. So I turned the heat down to half and they barely browned. I think I should have turned it down to 3/4. You know to turn them when they have bubbled a little bit and you lift a little part of the pancake and it's brown.

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