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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lake Miramar Redux

So I headed out to Miramar Lake again this morning.  Same time, same whatever, but without any coffee.  And only one water bottle. But WITH the GPSr and my extensive aerial photo printous and cache listings.

So here we are at around six AM.  Sunrise was around 5:53 AM or so. A little mist on the lake, and the ducks are calm.  The geese, on the the other hand, were honking.

And here is the lake from a higher vantage point, and from the north, looking south towards the parking lot way over there.

Found twenty-one geocaches, DNF (Did Not Find) two caches.  I walked about 6.2 miles, which seems like a tremendous distance to me, but there are zillions of people of all ages walking (and running and cycling) the distance at Miramar. I have 1,975 geocache finds to date, so I'm thinking that sometime this month I will be able to reach my goal of 2,000.

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