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Thursday, July 04, 2013

I Seen A Bird

We went over to Grandma's house today.  We saw these birds flying around, and were told they live in the area and are seen frequently. There were three birds we saw at various times.

Not sure why kind of bird, though.  Cooper's Hawk? Red-tail Hawk?  There was some mention of Peregrine Falcon, but we are thinking not.

Up in a tree.

Taking flight. Or landing?

Who are YOU looking at?

You lookin' at ME?

Up on the roof.

He is flying up to the roof to join the other one.

Well, there you go.  We had a nice visit with the relatives.  We were going to go to see fireworks, but I kept falling asleep and so I decided I would just go home a take a nap.  Which I have done.

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Where did you go to see the fireworks? Pretty hawks. We have 2 Coopers Hawks in our neighborhood. They like to perch themselves on our neighbors chimney. Drives Henry nuts!

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