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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Down To The Sea

Went down to the tidelands to do a little geocaching and bike riding this morning.  Did not find the first cache I looked for, but I did find a watch!  I starting to think that it was "left behind" because of the sweat stink in the band.  I have washed my wrist FOUR TIMES and the stench is barely mitigated!  And what do I need with another watch?  I have two excellent Casio watches, one with a compass.  And a Seiko, and the American Eagle pocket watch C. got me, and of course my Mickey Mouse pocket watch from the 70s.  Still a tickin'!

Some big ol' sailboat being worked on at some shipyard. EDIT:  It the Californian.  The shipyard has a webpage telling what ships are there. Who knew?

I saw this boat being launched and I talked to the owner/builder for a few minutes. He said it is a McKenzie River dory.  The Wikipedia article says the transom is pointed, and the bow is flat, and that is where the motor is mounted. On the bow.  I am confused.  I wish I had known this when I was talking to the guy!

Sure is a cutie, ain't it!

I found eight geocaches today, and didn't find seven. I rode the bike to most of the caches.  I really have to get a kickstand!

So there you go, that is what is happening today!

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