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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Curses, Foiled Again!

I got up real early this morning and hit the road around 5:00 AM to go up to Miramar Lake for a spot of geocaching. I had five hours worth of hiking ahead of me, figuring a pace of one mile per hour, and it being five-some miles around the lake. So I even put on sun screen!

Driving up there was a pain. I mean, really, I have MY turn signals on, you do NOT, why are you moving into my lane, jerk? Flashed my highs at HIM, I tell you!

Got to the lake, after several wrongs turns and backtracks, and found a parking place. Sure is quiet, not many people out, about twenty cars parked. Found I had left both the GPSr and my print outs at home. Well, that tears it, not much point in hanging around HERE! What am I going to do, walk around the lake?

Driving back down the 15 I decided to head for the beach area and look for a cache I didn't need the GPSr for, as I have looked for it several times. I KNOW where it is, I just can't find it. I parked at a strip mall on Midway which featured prominent signs threatening to tow any non-customer vehicles. Well, since I aspire to be a first-world anarchist, I parked there anyway. I walked under the Kumeyaay Highway/Ocean Beach Freeway (which is it?) to the cache area. No urban campers in evidence today! The cache had been re-located since my last Did Not Find. Remembered the (new) hint, made the find. Pen leaked, my fingers are now black. Tossed pen in trash can, walked back, vehicle not towed, went home.

And now it's 7:38 AM. Back to bed.

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