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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Yesterday & Today

I found myself down by the Villa Montezuma (1887) historic mansion near downtown San Diego yesterday.  Here is a corner of the house/building next door that looked old and interesting.

Here is the iron fence, what is left of it, surrounding the property on two sides. The concrete/rock base extends to the property next door, I was told by one of the next door tenants that is because the next door area used to be the garden for the Villa.

A closeup of the iron fence, severely rusted.

I saw this very very dusty car in Old Town, and posted a picture of it on Facebook.

On Sunday I had promised to check on a cache of mine, so I headed on down to the Big Bay area to do so.  It was missing, so I replaced it, then I went looking for some caches to find.

I found this one, and I just had to laugh. Probably only a geocacher would notice that oddity.

At another cache I had wait for some "muggles" to leave.  I had to wait QUITE a while!  I amused myself by taking some pictures.  This one was supposed to be of a sailboat with a jetski zooming past.  It sure did, right out of the picture!

Fortunately a few second later two more came by.

Just a big "yacht" going by.  Lot's of super yachts over by the convention center, very interesting to look at. And much larger than this one.

If you have never seen the banana boats loading, well this is a pretty poor picture of one.  You can see the container it is loading or unloading, I don't know which.  Please click on the images to see the BIG versions!

Walking back to the vehicle I saw this sign on the tracks.

Lastly we have three shots of what I supposed is a device to weigh railroad cars.

The tracks seem to be disconnected to it.

Well, one side seems connected, one side does not.  I wonder if it is still functional.

That is all I have for today! Have a good week!

P.S. I just spent two hours finding out that the turntable I thought I had possibly ridden on, or at least seen the Shay locomotive turned on, was not even in that location in the 60s.  There was another turntable to the northeast a bit, and yet another to the southwest a bit. This one may have been one of those and moved here, but at any rate it wasn't in this location in the 60s.  So I suspect the one to the southwest, which I mentioned is long gone, was probably the one I saw the Shay turned on.  Zikes! The Truth will confound me!

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