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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Two TOTTs Tuesday

I seem to have run across several geocaches in the last year that required either a VERY long TOTT (Tool Of The Trade) or some tree-climbing skills  I don't have the skills, so I found me a YouTube video that showed how to make a VERY long tool.  It is made out of PVC and it collapses into the five foot piece as shown in the, uh, inset image.  A variety of ends can be attached, none of which I have constructed yet.

I read about these and picked one up at the craft store in Lemon Grove.  It is a slotted quilling tool, used for quilling, oddly enough.

Now this is what I can use it for, rolling up tiny logging strips that fit into tiny nano-sized geocaches.

I may drill the end to take a keyring type-of-thing so I don't lose it.

Thanks for reading!

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