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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Yet Again

This is the collapsible pole I made out of PVC pipe for retrieving geocaches in high places, but I added the phone holder I got for the bicycle handlebars and it works much better here.  Now it's a giantly-long selfie stick!

I went geocaching in the Big Bay area this morning. I titled this image "Tuna Feet", possibly poor pun on "tuna fleet".

I saw a sea lion (I guess) over by the commercial fishing boat docks. I guess he found something good to eat because the birds were giving him quite a hassle!

Here comes the birds!

They were diving and squawking it up, it was quite a show!

This house has been called the Piano House (among other things...), it sort of looks like one, and may have been originally built for a pianist. Or maybe not.

More information 1      More information 2       More information 3

I parked at old NTC to find one cache, but the vehicle wouldn't start afterwards.  So I went for a walk around the area, a geocaching walk, so the engine could "dry out", as I figured I flooded it.  There seemed to be fewer geocaches in the phone app than I thought there were, it was odd.  I walked to five or so, found two of them.  Stopped by Downwind Marine and bought me a little inexpensive folding rigging knife.  It has a small marlinspike that should be handy for fooling with knots. It developed that the knife is manufactured by Davis Instruments, the same company that make the weather station I have!  They have a bunch of interesting products!

After I got back to the vehicle it STILL wouldn't start, so I called Matthew in sort of a panicked-frump.  While making arrangements for him to rescue me I gave the accursed Ford Fuel Pump Shut Off Switch another determined poke, and THIS time the vehicle started right up.  So I drove home, and I've been here ever since.

While checking in with Matt upon my return I discovered while looking up a geocache mentioned on the San Diego Geocachers group on Facebook that my Premium membership at had lapsed and THAT was why I was not seeing as many caches as I thought I were there.  So there were actually a number that I just walked right past today!  Another time, I guess!

Remind me to tell you those two cute little stories about my sainted mother and geocaching.

Thanks for reading!

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