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Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday the 08th of February

I forgot to mention yesterday that I as I was entering a canyon there was a couple coming out, and I asked how it was down there. They replied that it is Spring Time in San Diego (rather warm it was). I said something about what is up with that, and the man replied "Do you think it's going to be a late winter this year?"

I giggled  maybe a little too much, and headed on down into the festering swamp-canyon.

I read on the 'net about using a slotted quilling tool to roll up nano-size log strips.  So I bought one at a craft store in Lemon Grove.  Now I can roll up those logs nice and tight, AND I can take up quilling in my non-geocaching spare time.

I got the report from the nurse of one of my doctors that nothing has changed significantly in the past year or six months or however long it has been.  So that is that.

I discovered yesterday that the turntable I thought was central to an exciting life-event was not actually there at that point in time, and that there were TWO other ones nearby, and said life-event probably certainly took place at one of them.  And since I have publicly told the whole story I shall have to publicly recant the whole story, or at least the location part of it.

That is truly all I have for today, I must go eat some salad!

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