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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Less Than Lots Of Stuff

Tomorrow is Friday, a whole week has gone by!

Last long weekend we went for a trip!  Here are my pics! Some of them are big files. Some are not.

We stopped by the Desert Giants near Blythe.  I had read about them in a Hardy Boys book in elementary school.  Now I've seen two of them!

Walking around just after dawn one morning I noticed this motel offers Color TV!

We took a break in a park in Bullhead City. You can see a hotel or casino across the river in Nevada.  And a bird sitting on the handrail.  There were lots of birds.  And lots of bird poop!

Here are a bunch of pictures of the incredibly cute Charlie, who is also very brave and very very energetic!

I forget what that stuffed animal was, but Charlie will jump for it!

I also forget what this is, except for the Charlie part.

My mother taking pictures of her rats.

And petting Charlie.

Rats again...

Said rats.

Early in the morn I talked my driver into a little dirt road adventure so I could avenge my Did Not Find at a geocache.  He noticed this sign on the way back out.  If you see anyone stealing their dirt be sure to call.  You could get a reward!

We drove down to Havasu City and London Bridge.  With the guide not working all we could do was walk across London Bridge.

There's part of the bridge.  A geocache is either on the ground below, where I am, or up there on the bridge.  Did I mention the tremendous wind blowing up there?

On the way back home on Monday we saw this signpost.  Actually, I didn't see it, I was spaced out, Matt saw it and turned around so we could get a picture. Is that mailbox up there for airmail? Eh? EH?

Today being February 18th I went to Singing Hills for a few minutes.

Tonight I had an idea for taking selfies with the Geocaching Reacher.  I need to buy an PVC pipe elbow, but the concept clearly is possible.  The only picture I got so far was of the ceiling, though, and I shan't share it!

Well, that is all I can remember, and it is WAY past time for bed!  Ta ta!

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Anonymous said...

You should stay at the Squeaky Springs Resort sometime!

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