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Sunday, February 21, 2016


I felt kinda cruddy in the early morning, and a bit scared to drive anywhere "iffy", but in the late morning I made up my mind to hit those mystery caches I had solved east-north of Alpine.  And my tummy did still feel a bit unsettled, but I nothing untoward happened.

I found fourteen caches today, and only one DNF (Did Not Find).

One cache, an 80on80 cache, was at Viejas Outlets mall.  Which is a rather pleasant place to spend some time, surprisingly, even  if you are not shopping.  The nice lady working in the California Welcome Center gave me a hint, "It's outside..."   I find there are sixteen of these 80on80 caches, and I seem to  have found eight of them now. They are located along olde Highway 80, all in San Diego County, I think.

At one cache I found all this electronic oddness on the ground, fastened to this rotting board.  I have no idea... Not the cache, though.

On the phone camera view I THOUGHT I could see a cache in there, but it turned out to be somewhere else.  Do they make a phone with a twelve-inch screen?

Coming back down the Anderson Truck Trail.  Somewhat steeper than it looks, and probably at the limit of what my vehicle can handle.

The view must be great for the very few houses out here.

The road is marked quite unequivocally "Private Road", but the big red gate is locked open, it's a "truck trail" on the maps, and there were tons of people driving around and recreating.  I don't know what to think.

My only DNF.  I think, in Streetview, I can see where the cache was...

On East Victoria Drive in Alpine. Yup, it's up there.  Only not QUITE as far up as I climbed.  And it looks a bit scarier from up there, than down here, let me tell you.  And decomposing granite can be slippery!

I took a couple of shots of me in the yard with Giant Selfie Stick!

I wish I had this at Yosemite, at Glacier Point!  That would have shown those tourists a thing or two!

To bad I didn't get the bird bath in either of the shots, it being oddly clean for a change.

Well, that's enough for now, have a great week!

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