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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday In Lopez Canyon

This is from last week.  Did I post is then?  If so, why was it still in the folder?  Looks to be in Lopez Canyon, so at least it's the same place I went to today.

I went out this morning to get some more of those caches in and around Lopez Canyon.  I found all of them EXCEPT the farthest one up the valley.  As soon as I posted my DNF (Did Not Find) log the cache owner archived it. So I'll never find out where it was...

One of the caches had a very lifelike lizard on it...

Too bad the photo is so crummy.  Sometimes the phone camera doesn't focus, probably 'cause I'm holding it too close to the subject.

A panorama showing way too much foreground, but also I-5, a bit of Sorrento Valley, and the Penasquitos Canyon area.Taken from a hill

Not too far away are the remains of the Lopez homestead, that this valley is named for.

I thought I was seeing the return of the USS Akron, but it turned out to be a blimp over some golf tournament or something. The Goodyear "blimp" people say they are at the Farmers, but the airship below does not seem to have the Goodyear colors on it.

It is a mystery.

I found nineteen geocaches today, and boy, are my feet tired!

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