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Sunday, February 08, 2015

High Again, Twice In As Many Days

A hiking expedition was planned for Sunday at Iron Mountain.  I felt kinda cruddy during the night, but after eating oatmeal at five A.M. I felt better so I decided to go.  I THOUGHT I had washed my Official Hiking Clothes after yesterday's adventure, but I was wrong.  So I had to wear something else, something clean.

I got there a bit early and used the time to find three geocaches.  When the rest of the party arrived, all two of them (one a bit later, they got lost) we headed off on the trail to the peak.

And now we're there!  Here we have a view of the trailhead/parking area WAY down there.  The elevation at the peak is reported to be 2,696 feet, with an elevation gain of around a thousand feet over the hike.  All the web sites I checked said the length of the trail is 6.63 miles round trip, but it didn't seem THAT long.

A picture of my hiking companions.

Another view from the peak looking to towards Cowles Mountain in the middle-left.

And one with everyone facing the camera.  Or phone, in this case.

I picked up another couple of geocaches along the trail, but there are still some out there I didn't have time for.  I'll be back!

On the drive home I saw this "RV" with the word OSSA on the side.  Ossa was a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer back in the day.  They went out of business for a while, in 1982-ish, but in 2010 the trademark was purchased by a new company and now motorcycles are being built again emblazoned with the clover leaf emblem. And real purty ones, too!

So I got off the freeway and backtracked to take the pic.  I was trying to research who the vehicle had belonged to when I looked at the enlarged image and notice, very faintly, the words "Tripes Racing" to the right of the side door in the blue.  Tripes?  Must be Marty Tripes, an extremely talented motocross rider back in the day.  And it turns out his business is down the street and on the other side of the freeway from the big field where this sits.  Maybe his?

I also located a picture of what must be the same vehicle, but in somewhat better condition.  Don't know if it's from back in the day (the 70s, if you must know!) or more recent.  Click this LINK to visit the PicsPage on to check it out.  Scroll down a bit you must.


And now for something something completely different...

This is the signs and placards on one of the electrical boxes that were installed a few weeks ago right outside my door at work.

You will note that the red sign says SERVICE VOLTAGE 12KV. 600A. That's 12,000 volts at 600 amps.  How many amps it will supply at 120 volts?  I'm calculating about 60,000 amps. That's a lot of amps!  Am I doing this right?  And what about those three phases, there, the "3Ø" on that red sign. Is the 60,000 amps split between them?  I can't remember!

Thanks for reading, have a good week!

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