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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Raining Saturday, Finally

I haven't done anything much today. Except finish two books.  Now I don't have anything to read!  I need to go for a walk, but it JUST started raining, for real, after threatening and teasing for the last nearly 24 hours.

I planted rosemary and other cuttings in some cups, using that root stuff I bought the other day.

And now, with FLASH!  And there's the bottle of root stuff.

A historic pic from many years, and many pounds (about 70), ago. I'm guessing Mr. S. and I have the same birthdays?  Don't remember, the weight of those many years are upon me.

More recently, like yesterday, way way down there is the east wall of the library that faced, unfortunately with no window, the fish pond.  Well, the fish pond is gone, replaced by the HVAC machinery, and some rather nice landscaping.

Some out of focus flowers on a tree by the parking lot.

I got a letter saying the utility company is going to replace the pole in the front yard.  I'd like to see that, but I'll be at work.

It stopped raining, maybe I'll make a run for the Post Office and the ATM.  Late!

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