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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Little House In The Trash Can

The second thing to go, last week, was the back wall.

This week, I pried off the front half of the roof.

Next week?  Who knows!!

Saw this in the office as I was leaving, made by a student who is rather artistic.  I have save a couple of her invitations and thank-you notes before, as they are so pretty!

Driving to a meeting at the IMC today, on the 395, I saw a couple of white things that looked like Styrofoam fly away from a vehicle.  That's ok, I thought, it's just Styrofoam.  Then something small and black and HARD hit the windshield pillar, and just barely on the windshield, of course.  I am so happy!

Came home, took off my name badge, then went to take it out to the vehicle so I wouldn't forget it tomorrow.  Got the to vehicle, it was GONE!  The magnetic part!  Spent thirty minutes looking for it.  Dumped out the whole backpack, checked the inside of my shoes, went outside twice.   Finally spotted it.

Oh, that reminds me, 0 for 2 on geocaches today, if I'm stating that correctly.

Thank you to Newish Reader Mumbles who leaves nice comments, and has a much more interesting and well-written blog of her own, I see.

My mouse died the other evening, in mid-use, the left button.  I KNOW you can navigate Windows without a mouse, but you DO have to remember the key combinations.  And I don't remember very many!

I bought a new mouse at Staples, it works great.  Now, as soon as I press "Publish" here, I'm gonna fire up the soldering iron for a little melting of lead.  With shorts on, and sans goggles.  Should be great!

EDIT:  The splicing is complete, the mouse works, but the button still doesn't, so I think it is probably the switch, not a broken spot where the cable enters the mouse, as is usual.  At any rate, it is in the trash can now.

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Deanne said...

That swan was beautiful! Is it made out of ribbons? Too funny about the magnet. Something like that happened to my friend. She found hers stuck to the side of her desk at school. Been out of commission for awhile--well, my computer was.

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