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Friday, May 10, 2013


The cracks in the windshield, as one might expect, are growing longer.  The arrows point to the marks I made yesterday at the ends of the cracks.

The windshield guy came to my work today and replaced the windshield, and for only a hundred and ninety-nine dollars, too!  Only twenty more than replacing a door window cost.  How caaaaan they do it??

Remember, folks, do not attempt books repairs at home!  I are a perfusshional, am ever-so-highly trained, and use materials you do not have access to.

Unless it is your own book.  Then I don't care so much.  But this is a library book.  That page to the left? That's the back flyleaf, which they managed to fold so it's now the front flyleaf. Or something.

Went to put on my name badge at work this morning.  Guess what?  Yup, still stuck on the door.  I forgot to take it down when I took the photo yesterday...

Went to Target this afternoon to buy Cheap Shoes for Social Occasions, as mine, well, stink.

Quote for the day, heard at work:  The crap always rolls down hill.

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