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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Off To The South This May Morning

Went geocaching this Sunday morning, south of the Eastlake subdivisions, then west, then east, then north back to the vehicle.

Probably the more interesting cache was this little guy, what we call a nano in the trade. I needed the tweezers to snag it, then I needed the tweezers again to get the tiny little log sheet out.  I also needed the hint, or I would never have persevered enough to spot it in there! Don't be fooled by the size of them tweezers, they are BIG bigger ones, five inches long.

View to the west-ish from the nano spot. That's the toll road 125 South.

View to the east-ish from the nano spot.  Approximately at 32.604289, -116.948943

I don't know what this cement thing was for, but I felt it should be recorded for posterity. It was a few feet away from the cow watering trough.

The water regulator for a watering trough that cows used, back when there were cows here. I guess.

The whole trough.  The toll road 125 in the background left.  Wait, is that a bone??

Why, yes, it is a bone!  Yikes!

Walked about five miles today, I am told, and found all seventeen caches I looked for. Eventually, as one of them took about an hour to finally locate, and another took probably a half-hour.  Both of them were in giant bushes.  Bushes!!  I hate bush-hides! At least there weren't any rock-hides.  I hate them even more!

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