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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gotta Get To Bed, So HERE!

On the way to work this morning I just HAD to take some pics.  I actually rolled down the window for this first one.

This must be along Fletcher Parkway. I did not roll down the windshield for this one!

This was a little bit further along Fletcher Parkway.  I decided to turn left and make my way to Lake Murray.

So here is Baltimore Drive at Lake Murray.  Not the Blvd., the lake!

It didn't take too long for the fog to burn off. There wasn't very much fog on Cowles Moutain anyway. I took this pic around 8 AM or so.

Someone mentioned they wanted to borrow a few barcode scanners because they only had old ones with PS2 connectors.  I replied with this pic, saying my old wand works just fine (Like I ever use it since I have a laser barcode reader! Wrist injury!)  And they replied back that I would get cooties from that old thing.

I made an appointment for the CT-Scan today, for a couple of weeks from now.

Bought another squeegee as I keep leaving them at gas stations.

Thanks for reading!

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