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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Saturday the 16th

Since I solved a puzzle cache (at work!) I called M. and we went for it and others on Saturday in and about Lopez Canyon. a place that was new to me.

It's a typical "sewer" canyon, that is there is a sewer line running through it, like many do.  A lot of water has been running through it, too, you can see the sides of the canyon that have collapsed, giant plants with enormous roots balls exposed.  The bottom of the canyon is almost all rocks maybe six inches in diameter, very tiring to walk on, real ankles twisters.

On exiting the canyon I went for this one way up high, with a great view.  M. declined to make the somewhat perilous climb and stayed below to guard my backpack.  I kinda wanted to lower a center of gravity a bit here...

Here is a pic of M. down there taking a pic of me up here!

I think we found around twelve caches total on this little walk.  One was full of mold, one had amazing things in it, one was a "doggie" cache, one was the mystery cache, and there was this one way up thar, so quite a number of memorial caches here.

Sunday I did absolutely nothing.

Monday I went to the dentist and the doctor.

Wednesday I went to the other doctor.  Nothing to report, everything seems OK at this point.

Thanks for reading!

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