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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Another Dumb Weekend Spent Doing Practically Nothing

Some of these pics, you may have seen them on FB.

This is from Monday, a face full of Novocaine.  It was really saggy on one side when I left the dentist, so this is a LOT better!  It was looking like I had a stroke or something!

We got a little rain this last week.  One morning it occurred to me to go down to check out if Alvarado Creek was flooding.  Nope, it is not.

Too bad I didn't get a picture when the deluge happened earlier!

The city has done a lot of maintenance on the creek bed, removing various plants that do not belong there.

But maybe they are not quite finished?

There used to be a big red "T" on Lake Murray Blvd. but it is long gone.  This one is in the La Presa/Spring Valley area.  The image is from Google Streetview.

I did not leave the abode all weekend until Sunday afternoon.  I was moved to replace a log sheet on one of my caches, so I thought I better find a couple, too.  I did the cache maintenance on the cache, which was located off of Fanita in Santee/El Cajon, then I headed over to Tierrasanta. 

Here's the view from a new cache out there, showing a possible alien (from space!) mining operation.

I thought (not too clearly) that I'd go down this road, DOWN into the valley, to get five or six caches.  Well, I got one on the down hill, another at the bottom, then I went up that road to the top of the rise there, then I thought better of the whole enterprise.  Since I didn't bring a flashlight, perhaps I had better come back another day.  So I trudge UP the very steep hill, back to this spot, then back to the vehicle, and home again.

Oh joy, the weekend is finished.

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Deanne said...

Good ol' Novocaine!I'm surprised we didn't have more flooding but then again maybe we did.I tried not to drive around in all that rain. Usually happens along El Camino Real. The worst spot is at the intersection of Leucadia Blvd. They're actually working on the drainage at area right now so maybe it wasn't as bad.

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