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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saturday Afternoon/Sunday Morning


We went down to Torrey Pines for a bit of a walk.  We arrived rather late in the day, so we only had an hour and a half, or so, to go down a trail (Razor Point Trail) to the beach overlook (Razor Point), and then back before the rangers lock the place up.

So this view is looking down upon a canyon towards the beach.  The sun is getting low.


This one is a little better, you can see the sea!


Looking back up the trail, to the east, you can see the moon.


Looking down at the beach, from on high.


And here we have a hiker and his staff.


A view to the south, from not quite at the view point.


A panorama the stalwart hiker made for, and of, me.

(It's a big one, 1.4M)

At the view point at last, looking north. The stake says stay on trail, but you can see footprints going out there. But do they come back?


And looking south again, but from the view point this time.


Looking sort of west-ish, you can see some surfers out there.


A tiny little moon back there.


At the view point, sitting down and resting, a couple of legs.


 We went to Callahan's that evening for dinner.  During a little walk up the strip mall, to work off "dinner", we found a geocache.  Well, I didn't spot it, but we're a TEAM!


I went out to the Stonebridge area (east of Scripps Ranch) to replace a someone's cache I broke a while ago. I did that, and did some finding, too, so as not to waste the trip.

Here is some big cactus, I have no idea what kind, but I'm sure SOMEONE does...

A lite geocache.

I found eleven caches today.  I didn't have any altercations or problems driving, either, for a wonder!

So now at home I'm doing all sorts of piddly things, like:

I didn't know what this was, I thought maybe it was some kind of rose mutant alien thing.  It was explained that it's a rose hip.  And here I thought rose hips were the petals!

The birdbath, yet again.  There were BIRDS here, earlier, I swear!

Boy, I think I am plum out of stuff to say!  I think I shall walk up to the library and get something to read!

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