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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today Today Today

I told myself this morning that I could go geocaching after I did something useful, so I paid the bills and got them ready to post.  Then I finished the book I'm reading, Kracken, by China Miéville, and logged that.  Then I started having tiny bouts of sadness (Brought on by The News From Lake Wobegon on Prarie Home Companion), so I finally forced myself to get out of the house.  And so...

In the afternoon I headed out to Mission Trails Regional Park, to the Clairemont Mesa Blvd. trailhead.  I headed up the road after crossing the rusty bridge and made my first find.  Matt called me right as I was replacing the cache, the ringer was really loud!

I found several other caches, including a Project A.P.E. cache.  They are a series of caches, with clues to a final cache that you have to figure out.  The storyline is quite involved.  Lots of CLASSIFIED and SECRET information involved. Too complicated for me! Locating the log in all the paperwork was an adventure in itself! Here is a picture of the cache contents:

(Very Large File 474k)

The file is large so you can click on it and clearly see the contents.  That brown thing with the two "eyes" is an "old" map.  I especially like the Viewmaster reel.

I made a panorama of the two Fortunas, north and south. You can also see Cowles to the Eastish.

(Very Large File 2.2 MB, even the thumbnail is 24k)

Down a hillside there were these rocks in some sort of sandstone fixative. I'm sure there is a geological name for it. Possibly clastic rock?  I have seen this before, of course, but in this case there were just the two outcroppings, everything else was just plain old dirt.

(This one is 676k, even though it doesn't need to be)

The last cache I looked for was also the first, which was up a tree.  This time I climbed up it a bit, a couple of crotches, but it was just too high.  I need a trained monkey or a small child to retrieve it for me!

So I found five caches, and did not find one, the one in the tree.  It don't count if you don't sign the log.  [Long and boring story redacted]

I fed the birds when I got home, but I still haven't fed myself, and it is nine!  I must eat!  Bye!

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