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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In The Mountains

We went up to the lakes area at Mt. Laguna yesterday to find the oldest active geocache in California, Phil's Memorial Cache, dedicated to the faithful dog Phil.  We ended up finding ten caches along the route. Some of them Matt spotted, some of them I was able to find.  We ended up walking around 4.2 miles.  Even though it was pretty flat we were pretty tired afterwards.  And hungry!

There were an interesting variety of caches.  I had to climb down into a six-foot deep "hole" in a pile of boulders for one cache.  Another had a misleading hint, confusing west for east. Not helpful!

Some, like this one, were just hard to see. Honestly, I looked in there TWICE and didn't see it.  Matt said he finally caught sight of it from a different angle.  To take Matthew 13:13 (New International Version) out of context, "Though seeing, they do not see"

Yup, that sort of flat-looking area in there is the side of an AMMO CAN!!

We saw horses grazing the meadows, and many birds on the lake.  There were a number of woodpeckers banging about.  Many of the pine trees had holes in them, filled with an acorn each.

Looking to the east across the meadow we can see the radar dome in the distance.

So I zoomed in a bit. 

For dinner we went to Weevil Burger, which serves a pretty good onion ring.

My internet went out last night, so after talking on the phone to Abel, I just went to bed and read.

Fortunately it is back on again this morning!

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