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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Couple Of Sprinkles

April 4th

I don't know if I posted this one before, but once again I found that guard rails on the side of the road often have a large threaded bolt sticking out just below knee level.  Often covered by tall weeds.  Be wary!

The Big Swede was fantasying about putting a cobble road across his yard.  I found I didn't have a picture of my Paris-Roubaix hat to show him.  Now I do.

On the morning of the 9th I went down to Sweetwater River to find a couple of caches that had been replaced.  I noticed this 'biner hanging on a branch.   Nothing to do with the cache, as it turned out.  Just...odd.

In the afternoon of the 9th I made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Wildwood Glen Lane to look for a couple of caches I had not found in previous trips.  This being the old Highway 80 it's kind of interesting.  This is not too far from the abrupt end of the road, and on the way back to the vehicle.

Google Aerial View

Those white things in the road are chunks of concrete from the highway.  Most of the highway is under a foot of rocks and dirt washed down from the hill side over the years.

Not a lot of contents here, so you get a bunch of pictures I took of ME!

That's the "new" freeway down there.

The walking stick kept bumping the helmet.  Bonk!

I rode about 3 miles.  I didn't start the trip odometer until I had ridden a piece.

Finding the two caches that I had not found on previous trips was rather anticlimactic, they were pretty much right out in the open.  I concealed them a little bit better than they were.  I also found three other caches along the Lane while driving to the parking spot. I had been too shy to look for them before.  One of them was very near to one of the oldest bridges in San Diego County(1917)

I found one more cache just east of Descanso.  Also found a nifty purple pen that the previous finder had dropped.  My gain!

Thanks for reading!

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