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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Week In Review

Birthday morning I came out of the door to find these floating.  What a surprise!

My former Librarian came by to give me a new coffee cup.  Now I have one to match my socks!

Mrs. K. gave me an EXTREMELY nifty flashlight, MISS P. gave me the BelVita, Mrs. B. gave me MORE BelVita, and Mrs. K. gave me the Life Savers, I think. Very spearminty!

Mrs. K. and Ms. S. brought pizza and cake!

Them balloons!

Yesterday I had a bee on the windshield for a couple of miles.  I guess that does not bode well for her.

This morning, Saturday, there was a geocaching CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) event at the Spruce Steet suspension bridge.  I managed to find my way there.

Several people noted a pair of baby skunks.  I did NOT investigate, myself.  Mama was nowhere to be seen, but I suspect she was around.

Here is the East end of the bridge, if you have never been there.  No, that is not my bicycle!

A drawing was held after an hour of so of picking up trash in the canyon.  I did not win anything, though.

Stuff I found included:  Lots of glass; an intact beer bottle (Corona); a five-strand piece of wire rope, one foot long; a one-inch (approx.) diameter bolt (off the bridge above??); many cigarettes; beer bottle caps; two pop tops; and lastly, some well-used underwear, sex undetermined.  Also, a Darth Vader water bottle, missing its top.

 That is about all for today, so far. Thanks for reading!

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