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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Trip North -- Part I

I'll warn you now, organization is NOT my strong point.  Images will be out of sequence, narrative will be minimal and possibly confusing.  My tummy is also upset, it affects my brain.  Yes, that's my story!

Here is me setting up the tent for a practice run, never having used it, and only having set it up once before.  For practice.  Many years ago.

Something I had for mid-morning snack.  Tea (or maybe coffee?) in a measuring cup, and not too much butter on an English Muffin, surely.

Thursday, August 13th

We checked in at the inn in Mammoth, then came back "down the hill" for some sightseeing.  So here are a bunch of pictures of Mono Lake.

The path from the parking area leads down to the shore.

Lots of tufa!

People taking pictures of each other.

It was pretty late in the afternoon and the mountains to the west were shading the lake.  The ground surface near the lake can be very sticky mud.  Also, it smells!

Many birds hanging out.


THAT'S what I was going for, a bird in flight!


Some tufa still in sunlight.

Well, I don't know either, but I suspect it is a tufa.  Could not get close enough, this shot is max zoomed in!


Playing with the zoom.

Driving back to Mammoth we took the "scenic route", but not quite to the turn off yet.  Looks like snow remnants up there?

Coming over a crest, and down to a little valley.

Sun going down, it's getting cooler.

A nifty cloud formation, and the best of four shots.

Friday, August 14th

The view out the north window of our second floor room.

A zoomed-in shot of the, what?  Thermometer?  On the building across the way?  Not working, either.

A view to the south from our shared veranda.  Very peaceful!

And that was the Mammoth Creek Inn we stayed at.  Not bad, not too expensive in the off-season.  I totally would NOT want to be up here in the snow, though.  I bet it is crazy, and we heard a local at the Von's saying his mother leaves every winter to get away from the craziness!

That  is all for Part I.

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Looking forward to Part2. I've never been to Mammoth so I quite enjoyed the pictures. Hopefully, we'll get to go there but like you, not during the winter. We don't ski so it would be wasted on us.

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