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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Back and Forth and Up and Down


I AROSE reasonably early today and headed my way down to the Midway District to get that darn cache that the guy was washing his Land Rover in front of last weekend.  I was almost there when I realized I had left the phone, the one with the geocaching app on it, at home, charging.  Well... I KNEW where this cache was, but it seriously put a crimp in my plans for the REST of the morning.

So I made the find at the Land Rover spot, then headed back home to get the phone.  I ate an English Muffin (with High Fiber!) (and LOTS of butter!) then headed back down to Mission Bay. The first cache I went for I did not find.  I thought it would be easy, but not for me!  I walk over to the next cache.  I didn't spot it at first, but finally I figured out the hide, spotted it, then I positioned myself to take "pictures" of the channel while I made the grab and signed the log.  Then I put the cache back, looked at the channel for a while, and left.

Here are the pictures, looking south toward OB.

A couple of guys on boards or little kayakie boats hand-paddled by, yakking with each other, but I did not take a picture of them.

That little boat sure looks bouncy! He was moving right along!

I got back to the vehicle and drove over to Mariner's Point and got the cache there.  It was a little tricky, but the hint was good and I made the find.

Next I drove down the 5 to Chula Vista to the, uh, Chula Vista Harbor area. Found the two caches that we didn't stop for yesterday when we were looking at boats.  One of them was EXTREMELY cute, with a dinosaur them, and I gave it a "favorite" point.

On the spur of the moment I thought to revisit a cache that I had not found several times.  It's a couple of miles south of the marina, and its name is See Pretty Bike Art.  I gave up several times looking for it today, and each time walked back to the cache site from where I parked.  I'm SURE the neighbors weren't suspicious.  I FINALLY figured out where it must be, so I gloved up and waggled it out of its hiding spot.  Was NOT a whole lot of fun, but I'm glad to have it off the list, finally!

Well, now I was so far south I decided to drive another couple of miles to some nice "rural" caches down in Egger Highlands, in the Otay River Valley Park.  The first cache I found after a GREAT deal of trouble, but then I couldn't get it open.  And several people before me couldn't get it open.  So I put it back and continued on the hike while I thought about THAT.

I had a LOT of trouble finding the next cache, too.  The cache owner has updated the coordinates three times so far, and not because they moved the cache.  They just cannot seem to get accurate coordinates.  It was still off 35 feet, for me.  If it had been a tiny container I would have given up, but it was reasonably large so I kept looking, and eventually I found it!  Yay!

When I came out of the bushes the ranger drove up.  He picked up some trash, asked me if I was geocaching, then he drove off.

I saw several urban campers on my walk through here.  Most of them were pretty friendly.  There was one guy on a mountain bike, and one very large family walking from Chula Vista (under the freeway) to shopping area where the Home Depot is.

I did not find the next cache, just before the trail went under the freeway.  After searching for many minutes I realized that there were already man DNFs (Did Not Find) logged, so I stopped THAT!

Here are a couple of selfies taken under the bridge.

I keep forgetting the flash doesn't fire in selfie mode.

I continued on to find the next cache.  Nearby there is a very nice nature observation point on the edge of a "lake", but it has been vandalized heavily.  It even had telescopes, but one is totally broken, as is the guardrail for the "porch", so if you go there don't fall in! There was a guy with a mountain bike there, in full kit, I wondered if he observed me retrieving the cache down the trail, but he just said "Hi!" to me when I came over to peer through the telescope, the not-broken one.

 I saw the ranger again, he had driven on the roads all the way around, while I had walked the trail.  While he went off to clean graffiti from signs I located and signed the log in the last cache of the day.  I brought him some small trash I had picked up.  He offered to dispose of it, as there was no trash can at that part of the trail.

I headed back to the vehicle and arrived uneventfully. Is that even a word?

I stashed the walking stick and headed over to Home Depot to buy some stuff.  I had a list of various cutting implements I needed for  home.  Some Stanleytool blades, a new razor blade scraper (can't find the old one), and a "crumb cup with post" for to strain crumbs, I guess, on the bird bath's drain.  I also purchased a cheap pair of pliers...

My plan was to use the pliers in opposition to my Leatherman pliers to open that darn little cache container I couldn't get open before.  And I DID, too!

So there you go, that is pretty much my whole day, except for going grocery shopping on the way home.

Thanks for reading!

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